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We are known for being a small town in a big city with beautiful bountiful homes on Tuxedo Parkway, and historic religious institutions such as the Stanley Theater now known as the Newark Tabernacle Church on South Orange Avenue.  We also have quite a few historical cemeteries like Fairmont Cemetary.


In the mid 19th century the land was underdeveloped so after the City Council banned burials in the Central Ward, the West Ward became the place people buried their loved ones. If you are a history buff then you won't want to miss visiting these sites. See more here.


And our food ain't bad either!  We are proud of the international cuisine that gets made and sold here; an African American favorite, oxtails, collard greens and mac and cheese; Sancochado, meat, corn, rice, and potatoes, a common Dominican cuisine; Haitian fried pork to die for; and Nigerian Griyo, peeled black-eyed peas rolled into balls and deep fried.  We also have one of the best Pizza joints in the city, Papa Pat's Pizza. Straight out of New York!


If you enjoy international cuisine or good old American food, the  West Ward is the place to be.

Our motto:
"Experience the Partnership."
– Partnership West, Inc.
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